The Woman I Want to Be

The Woman I Want to Be

The Woman I Want To Be

Over the past few months, I discovered that I was not having as much fun as possible. I’m sure you know this drill as well; money is tight, priorities have a way of taking the pleasure out of the budget, and my energy was low. My self-esteem and confidence took a hit. I was not living as The Woman I Want to Be.

To snap back into life, I played a game with myself using a technique I learned from Landmark Education in the Team Leadership and Management Program (TMLP), which was just fantastic, by the way. So the name of my game is The Woman I Want To Be. When I would think of something that I wasn’t happy with, like papers piled on my desk, dishes in the sink, or an unmade bed, I would ask myself, “How would The Woman I Want To Be” handle this situation?

Who is The Woman I Want To Be?

This Woman, of course, is confident. She could throw a dinner party with no effort, glide into a room on a cloud, is impeccably dressed and coifed, has a place for everything and everything in its place, well you get my drift. This Woman was near perfect, so I created her as an alter ego. With little effort, I’m sure I could find her on Instagram, but I don’t think my self-esteem could take another hit.

What would she do in any situation? After a while, I was talking about her as if she were real. Maybe she was becoming more real because I put so much life in her, but after a few weeks, I had moved from thinking about what she would do to getting into action. Eureka! I had discovered a magic elixir to take me from inertia to action.

One day, in particular, I looked around my office. My inbox overflowed with papers that needed sorting. Books off the shelves and an assortment of clothing from the dryer waited for folding. I heard myself saying, “Maureen, the woman you want to be won’t even sit in this room.” As I started to pick up the clutter, I could feel my energy coming back to me, and I felt lighter and happier than I had in a long time.

I had found a way to get out of a rut! It would help if you tried it, it is amusing, and you’ll be stretching your wings in no time.

Today, I am writing from a new home in Salt Lake City, Utah. I relocated to be close to family, and some things are no longer on the to-do list. I make my bed each morning, and my diet is healthier. Weekly flowers from the market are magic to my spirit.

The Woman I Want To Be Is On My Horizon

Now The Woman I Want To Be is still on my horizon, but she’s different than my picture a few years ago. She spends time exploring her inner world. This wise Woman knows that her thoughts dictate her joy. When they stay positive, I feel lifted to a new plane of vibration. My spiritual life has a new dimension and priority. I listen to the teachings of Emmet Fox on audible and Sarah Ban Breathnach and Simple Abundance keep me on my path. If you take some time to observe how you are feeling, you will tune in to your frequency.

What I have learned on this journey is the truth of “As within, so without.” To put it another way, when my inside is on track, the outside is pretty effortless. I make the bed, the dishes get washed, and I feel peace in my heart and home.

Of course, The Woman I Want To Be, still dreams of the outside things as well. She has coffee with new Salt Lake City friends (Learn more about our Sugarhouse meetup group at Distinctively Diva – Meetup). Every day I see a better picture of her in a vintage outfit, hair blowing in the soft breeze on the arm of a sweet and kind leading man. As long as I keep doing what she would do, I’ll meet her on this path called life, and I can’t wait to find out how she does her makeup!

Be of good cheer, sweet Diva. Every sunrise brings with it an opportunity to begin again. For me, it is my faith that we are here for a purpose. Next month, we will explore what purpose means to us and how to plant its seeds in our lives.


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