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    The Distinctively Diva Dish

    Join author Maureen O'Crean as she shares her wit and wisdom on everyday life as a Diva. A former workaholic and people pleaser, Maureen wanted more fun out of life. She strives to live by the definition of Diva from the Sanskrit, which means, Light of the Divine. Diva is your birthright, let your light shine bright and strong Girl!

    Maureen is co-author of I Am Diva, Every Woman's Guide To Outrageous Living and founder/publisher of DistinctivelyDiva.com, the New Girls' Network. Click here to Read an Excerpt

    Click Here to see the Distinctively Diva Dish Blog

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The Astonishing Power of You! Say Yes to You!

Where's the doctor when you need one? Well the Professional Woman's Success Doctor (not an md) is here to help you discover how and why you are creating the life you have today. Hazel Palaché,MCCht,Cadac,CNLP is the Success Doctor and her prescription for a happy life is the Law Of Attraction and its principles. Using a variety of techniques including hypnosis, neuro-linguistics and creative visualization, Hazel, a retired Marriage and Family counselor helps us from the inside out. When you get a chance, visit www.theastonishingpowerofyou.com Hazel's website.

Tune into Hazel's unique (and very British) voice as she shares her tips for success in her blog, The Professional Woman's Success Doctor.

To check out it out, Click Here For The Professional Woman's Success Doctor Blog

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Under The Looking Glass: Conversations for Mid-Life Women with Jennifer Kelley Large

Have you ever had one of those days when you look in the mirror and don't know the woman looking back at you? Welcome to Conversations for Mid-Life women. While we don't have a corner on the market with this 'Where did I go?' conversation, today's woman at mid-life has a lot more going on than any past generation. Jennifer Kelley Large is going to be our guide through the mysterious world of menopause, dating younger men or just finding our way again.

You'll want to stay tuned and join this lively conversation.

Under The Looking Glass Blog

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The Closet Prophetess with Donna Bell

Have you ever wondered why you hang on to all your stuff? Well I did and discovered an insight to a new world with Donna Bell. It is amazingly cool how your can track your life by your physical surroundings and Donna is a master. Donna learned her trade through cleaning and organizing in communities which led to restored neighborhoods. Donna learned how to transfer her innate knowledge to her clients and is the creator of the Radianting Pointtm Technology, which shows us how to live from beauty. Ask the Closet Prophetess your question as she delves deep into our closets for the answers

The Closet Prophetess Blog

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Making Wellness Fun with Miluna Fausch, HHCP Has Moved

Miluna is a gifted medical intuitive/psychic and holistic health expert who combines the best techniques with integrity and compassion.  She is sought out for her ability to get to the root cause of health conditions by reading the energy and DNA blueprint of the body. It is possible to achieve well-being in your body.  If you are not getting the answers or relief you need from your doctors or practitioners, don't give up!  Your health is not a quick fix.  Miluna will help you with an action plan and information specific to you and your soul. Medical Disclaimer

Making Wellness Fun Blog Has Moved to Making Wellness Fun Bog Make sure you sign up directly with Miluna to receive notices of updates.

Ladies Tool Zone with Karen Matthias Has Moved

Every Diva needs her very own pink toolbox and know how to use the tools. Karen's going to show us how to fix things around the house, with or without a man.


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