"The most beautiful thing a woman
can be is confident."
Ken Paves, Celebrity Stylist


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2" long, D is 1" tall, letters 3/4" tall, 48 crystals

All women have it, some women claim it--the right to sparkle in an ever-so-dull world. I am excited to share with you the DIVA Signature Brooch. Constructed of Swarovski crystals, each beautiful stone is held safely by a four-prong setting, set in a cap of Rhodium, a non-tarnishing jeweler's platinum colored finish. These exquisite brooches are hand-made in the USA exclusively for DistinctivelyDiva.com.

Crystals are believed to hold a magical energy of the earth and are used in Feng Shui to promote auspicious energy. Austrian crystals and their sparkle are the standard by which all crystals are judged and were introduced to the world by Daniel Swarovski, born in Bohemia in 1862. We think each clear, dazzling gem holds and shares a bit of the creative free-thinking, avant-garde energy attributed to the Bohemians. Put them all together they spell DIVA, just the woman you are!

A brooch of this quality easily sells for $25.00 to $30.00 or more. Because of the quantity discount, I can share my savings with you. Our DIVA brooch is only $19.95 to the public, $14.95 for paid members of our social club so make sure you place your order now for yourself and all the Divas in your life. If you order 10 or more, I can give you the wholesale price of $12.95.
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