Maureen's New Year Ritual to Awaken the Sleeping Giant(tm)

Prepare your environment for success. To fulfill on the gifts from the Muses you will need: Time: one to two hours, 1 new white candle, 1 new black candle, a pen, paper, lighter, bowl for burning, incense (optional), music (especially Beethoven's Ninth Symphony or Mozart's the Magic Flute) and candles to represent your goals for the new year: red for romantic love, green for prosperity, yellow for health and well being, pink for family love, orange for joy and vibrancy.

1. Light the incense if you wish to use it. Play your music while doing the exercises. Take time to reflect and list on a piece of paper all your regrets, failures, painful memories, missed opportunities, lost relationships and burdens. Set the list aside.

2. Make a list of all the people you have hurt or wronged and all of those who have hurt or wronged you. When complete, release and forgive those who have hurt you by saying their name outloud, "I forgive you,(say their name), for hurting me. When complete, ask for forgiveness from those who you have hurt. Speak outloud, "I ask for forgiveness from (say their name) and I am sorry that I hurt you." Make a separate plan to repay debts or make amends to those who you have wronged, as long as doing so does not cause any harm or upset in their lives today. Keep this plan to put into action later.

3. Light the Flame of Regret (black candle dispels negativity) Burn the list of regrets, saying "I release the past, and thank it for the lessons learned." Let go of all pain as the list is burned and visual it leaving your body in a black helium balloon that floats away from you.

4. When step 3 is complete, burn the list of forgiveness, saying, "We are all forgiven for our errors. What was wronged has been righted." Let go of all anger and guilt as the list is burned. Visual yourself being wrapped in pink light of love, like a cocoon.

5. Give thanks for all the blessings you have in your life right now. Make a list of 100 people and gifts from the universe that you have in your life today. Don't stop until you reach 100, for you will receive a powerful gift when completed. We acknowledge Sarah Ban Breathnach, NY Times Best selling author of Simple Abundance and Romancing the Ordinary for this lesson in gratitude.

6. Create the atmosphere to hear your inner voice. Sit in a comfortable position with the music playing softly in the background. Quiet your mind and seek the answer to one question, "What is my heart's desire, my gift to the universe?" Keep your pen and paper handy to write down any thoughts that come to you.

Light the white candle for purity of your intentions and to do no harm: Speak outloud: "I am staking my claim of love, abundance, health, wealth, passion and fun in the Universe for my highest good and the good of others" as you light the candle. Sit quietly and reflect on your desires and goals for the next year, keeping in mind manifesting your heart's desire. Write down your goals for the next year in as much detail as possible. Be specific for each goal. If you want to achieve a particular monetary goal, State: It is December 31, 2009 and I am in possession of $100,000. Read the goal outloud and light the appropriate color candle (green for prosperity). Repeat for each goal. Focus on the major areas of your life. Let the candles burn themselves out. (place in a safe place, like a sink or tub when complete)

At midnight on January 1st, thank the Universe for your blessings and the realization of your goals. Live as if all your dreams have come true. Happy New Year.

The above exercises can be completed any time prior to New Year's Eve.

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