It has been my honor and pleasure to meet and work with these women, each a master in their field. If you ever are looking for expertise and resources to help you in your life or business, I highly recommend these women to you.

The Sexy Mom with radio host, Alana Pratt Can life be the same after babies? YES, says Alana Pratt, the Sexy Mom. After a highly visible and globe trotting career as a broadcast journalist, Alana took a turn in life's crossroads to add Mom to her resume. Not willing to lose her sexy along the way, Alana took on the challenge of being the best in both worlds. Sexy Mom Expert, Alana Pratt wants to know if you are one of the million of moms who think to themselves, "Who was that thriving, passionate, alive and sexy gal I used to be 5, 10, 20 years ago?Her radio show, How Mama Got Her Groove Back, is heard online over Big Media Radio. To learn more about Alana and her amazing work helping women get their sexy back, please visit here at Take a few minutes to look around her site and watch her reel to really connect with an inspiring and gifted woman.

Have you checked out our Biz Divas lately? Like you they are amazing women following their dreams. Spread the word! Meet Terry, our newest biz Diva from Baltimore, Ohio. Welcome Terry, we're glad your here!

What A Great Call
Using 'The Secret' In Your Home
with Donna Bell, founder, Radiant Design Living

As a fan of 'The Secret', you know what you think and feel creates or repels your deepest desires. Donna Bell, founder of Radiant Design Living uses the principles of 'The Secret' in her work and has been for the past 20 years. She is an expert in this arena.

In this call, Donna will be sharing how you can read the messages your home is sending you everyday. Learn what may keep the Laws revealed in 'The Secret' from working for you. You can visit her site at .

ps - Make sure you check out Donna's blog at

Intuitive Sandi Athey

Ever wonder what's holding you back? Sandi is a highly gifted intuitive who helps you see what blocks you might be putting up to your own success and happiness. Sandi is the host of Psychic Healing on Baltimore's Talk Radio WCBM. You can find out all about her work at

Sandi is not a psychic in the traditional sense. She does not do predictions on future events. She works with her clients to help them see their present more clearly.

Hazel Palaché,MCCht,Cadac,CNLP is the Empowerment Coach and her prescription for a happy life is the Law Of Attraction and its principles. Using a variety of techniques including hypnosis, neuro-linguistics and creative visualization, Hazel, a retired Marriage and Family counselor helps us from the inside out. When you get a chance, visit Hazel's website.

Dr. Beverly Tillman, author of Outrageous Success, How to Become Outrageously Successful in Business For Women Only, shares her inside tips for taking on success at any age. At age 60, Dr. Tillman starts where most of the world quits! She's just completed her doctorate and her book. T

To learn more about Dr. Tillman and her work, please visit her website at

We were thrilled to share some time with New York Times #1 Best-Selling author, Sarah Ban Breathnach, as she talked about her life and her new book, Moving On. Sarah has launched an online community and a monthly online magazine.

Visit Sarah at

Phyllis Chase, MA, MFT, Living an Über (Super) Life as a Single Woman

Phyllis Chase, MA, MFT has a soft spot for single women. She remembers what it was like to be 40 and not married and wants to support other women on their odyssey to self, which she calls The Road to Über Singledom. A practicing Los Angeles psychotherapist and co-host of Shrink Rap, a radio talk show in LA. Join us for an honest and supportive discussion how to stop kissing the frogs and Leap into your life, with or without children, partners or spouses.



To listen to this call, please click here:

Visit Phyllis at

Linda Salazar, Awaken The Genie Within ¯

Learn the Secret to Stopping the Drama in Your Life

The amount of personal drama you experience plays an important role to the kind of life you attract for yourself. Join Linda for an hour and learn one simple thing you can do to eliminate all your life's drama and become the creator of manifesting your heart's desire.

Listen Now:

Dr. Beverly Tillman, Author, Outrageous Success

Dr. Beverly Tillman, author ofOutrageous Success, How to Become Outrageously Successful in Business For Women Only, shares her inside tips for taking on success at any age. At age 60, Dr. Tillman starts where most of the world quits! She's just completed her doctorate and her book. To listen the call, click here Dr. Beverly Tillman


Publisher's Note: Dr. Tillman has offered to ship autographed copies of her new book, Outrageous Success, How to Become Outrageously Successful in Business For Women Only, for free, when you order off this link! To purchase your autographed copy, click on the button

Creating Visibility For Your Business With Media and the Internet
With Maureen O'Crean, M.B.A.

By day, our Diva Maureen O'Crean is a publicist and business consultant. Join her in this call where she gives step-by-step information on how to create visibility for your business and career using publicity in magazines and the internet to let people know about you. To listen to this teleclass, click here.

To get free business tips, please sign up for our newsletter at

How to Heal Abuse and Create What You Really Want In Life.
With Lori Prokop, Best Selling Author

The majority of people feel helpless and hopeless when it comes to changing their lives or making a significant difference in their families or their workplace.

Everyone wants things to get better, but most people do not believe they can control the process or get from where they are to where they want to be. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Join us as Lori shares the path to healing from the the How to Heal Abuse workshop where you will learn healing and success systems which allows you to create the life you desire regardless of your background. This includes creating a life with loving relationships, a great job or rewarding career, financial success, vibrant health, fulfillment, enlightenment and other positive experiences. Please vist for more information.

To listen to this fascinating call, click here:

What's Your Body Trying To Tell You?
With Sandi Athey, Medical Intuitive

Tuesday, October 11th

Our topic is 'What is your body trying to tell you?', a look into the spiritual connection for physical challenges. Our guest is medical intuitive Sandi Athey, host of Baltimore's Talk Radio show, Psychic Healing.

Believe it or not, the physical plane is the last place that discomfort appears. By understanding the spiritual source of dis - ease you have the power to transform it before it manifests into a physical challenge. Find out what that 'pain in the neck' is really all about.

To Listen to this call, click below. Please adjust your volume, I start off a little loud.

Sandi has generously created a special 20 minute special session price of only $35.00 to help you tune into your own body. Please give her a call at 410-367-2789 to set up your session and tell Sandi the Divas sent you.

To learn more about Sandi and her work, please visit her at

New Moon, New Beginnings in the Libra New Moon
With Barbara Schiffman, Energy Life Balance Coach

Start each month off with a fresh new beginning with these amazing meditations, written and recorded by Barbara Schiffman, Energy Astrologer. After studying many fields and disciplines, Barbara began to take essential elements from these traditions. Today, Barbara uses the wisdom from Quantum physics, the tarot and astrology in her work.

Listen to the new meditation for October and download the worksheets to give yourself a jumpstart on the fall. We would like to thank Barbara for her generosity to Distinctively Diva over the past year and wish her well on her new adventure.

To listen to the Libra New Moon Meditation, Click Here

To download the Libra worksheets, right click on the Download Now Please note, you will need Adobe Acrobat reader to open the document. You can download Adobe Reader for free at

To purchase your set of New Moon, New Beginnings Meditation set, which includes: 12 original meditations, one for each sign of the zodiac, 12 sets of notes on how to bring the energies of the month into your life, a meditation candle, a meditation stone, incense and surprise, click here. $34.95 Buy Now Please note: This is a special packaging and launch price for the Divas. This product will retail for $49.95.

NEW to the Diva Party Line, Life Coach Linda Salazar brings us some tips on becoming unstoppable from her newly released audio program, Awaken the Genie Within tm: Manifesting Your Heart's Desires. We all know what it feels like to be stopped in our tracks, whether it is from fear or indecision. Linda shows us this is our Gremlin in action and how we can identify her and quiet her noise. Join us for this fun and lively conversation as we strengthen our manifesting muscles! Please visit To receive Linda's tips for Becoming Unstoppable!

To Listen to this call, click here, Awaken The Genie Within tm Call


Join Beauty Expert Kay Young as she shows us how to turn back the hands of time in our skin and beat the Winter blues. Our skin loses so much moisture during the cold days, we need to replace this moisture for a more youthful look. Kay will also give us the skinny on the dangers of highly touted beauty treatments. One is so dangerous, it can leave us with permanent scarring. You'll want to be fully informed on all the options available to you for your beauty regime. To listen to this call, click here Beauty Call

To learn more about Kay, please visit

Do you ever feel like only a miracle can help you out of a particular situation? Well, Dr. Joan understands that more than anyone. She too found herself at the end of life's rope with no where to go but up. In her deepest moment of despair, she declared victory over her circumstances and found the internal strength to go one and create a miracle for herself and her two children. During this one hour Diva Party Line Call, Dr. Joan will share some of her secrets for bouncing back and answer questions that are emailed to her before the show. To register for this call please complete the following. Please note, if you have registered in the past, your name is on the list and you will receive any notice of new calls.


To learn more about Dr. Joan, please visit,

To listen to Dr. Joan's calls, click below: Call #1, February 7, 2005

Call #2, February 14, 2005

Call #3, February 21, 2005


Join us with Barbara Cowan Berg, Author of How to Escape the No-Win Trap as we talk about MEN, or the lack of Men in our lives. Barbara will give us some tips on how to keep our emotions in check as we navigate the waters of relationships in our lives. To learn more about Barbara, please visit .

Call with Barbara Berg


ED and Improving Men's Sexual Health, A NOT For Men Only Conversation

Giving a Voice to the Silent Stigma: ED and Men's Sexual Health - A Not for Men Only Conversation sponsored by

To listen to this call, click here Dr. Charles

(PRWEB) February 4, 2005 -- When an estimated 1 billion viewers worldwide sit down to watch Super Bowl XXXIX this Sunday, February 6th, there will be a silent elephant in living rooms around the world: Erectile Dysfunction.Full Story

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Biz Divas: Are You Doing Business On The Internet?

Listen in on a private conversation between Maureen O'Crean and Susan, the owner of Yogitoes for this one-on-one conversation on How to grow your business in a virtual world.

Listen Now