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We are pleased to share our choices of books that make a difference in the quality of life. Watch for our calendar for Meet The Authors, where you can chat with our Authors and Experts.

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I Am Diva, Every Woman's Guide to Outrageous Living
Elena Bates,Maureen O'Crean,Molly Thompson and Carilyn Vaile

Join the Four Diva as they take on a fun-filled adventure to find their Divaness. For women of all ages, the Divas look at life from their 30's, 40's, 50's & 60's. This book is broken down into 13 sections, one for each month + a bonus and takes you through 52 interactive weeks to re-discover your true Diva.

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How to Escape The No-Win Trap
Barbara Cowan Berg

A practical approach to resolving life's catch-22 situations. Barbara explores solutions to many of the common problems faced in relationships. Learn More To purchase your autographed copy,Click Here.

Money ToolBox for Women Dr. Audrey Reed, DSS

Audrey Reed, D.S.S., The Money Doctor, knows The Deep Dark Secret of Mastering Money. And she reveals it in The Money Toolbox for Women. Get the Facts Today But just knowing the secret doesn't mean women (or men) will be able to put it into action. For a full description of the book, click on the picture or here, Money Tool Box For Women To purchase the book, Click Here