10 Steps to Relieve Stress

10 Steps to Relieve Stress

10 Steps to Relieve Stress

Hi, my name is Maureen O’Crean and I am co-author of I Am Diva, Every Woman’s Guide To Outrageous Living, and the publisher of DistinctivelyDiva.com, an international online community of women-for-women.  The definition of Diva comes from Sanskrit and means “Light of the Divine.” Each and every one of us has an internal glow and our only assignment on planet earth is to let that Light shine bright. It will guide us to happiness, love, and all that is good in life.

Here are some ideas for women on how to take just a few minutes each day to de-stress, renew their spirit, and have a little fun along life’s path.

  1. Make a Pit Stop – Like we schedule errands, schedule a stop for 10 minutes that inspires you. Go to a park, a scenic view, or a tranquil place near where you live. Put your seat back, close your eyes and listen to some great jazz or classical music. Do this as often as possible to shift gears from work to home, mom to wife, etc.
  2. Do the Catwalk – Walk like a runway model. Throw your hips back, and step one exaggerated foot in front of the other. Take a few turns down the runway strutting your stuff.
  3. Let the Fat Lady Sing – Even if you don’t think you like Opera, there is magic in breathing from the diaphragm. By following along to your favorite aria, try Andrea Bocelli, your mind disengages, and stress is released. You’ll probably fall in love with him at the same time! PS As a Fat Lady myself, we mean no offense. The last act of the Opera was set up by the solo of a big, beautiful woman.
  4. Get Your Hands Dirty – Connecting with mother earth soothes the spirit. You can be productive and re-pot a plant or have a pot of organic soil standing by to immerse your hands. Squish the dirt between your fingers as you intentionally let go of your stress in the capable hands of Mother Earth.
  5. Tell Some Jokes – Create your own stand-up routine or find some jokes you can share with the kids. Keep a joke book in the car, age-appropriate, and put the kids to work supplying the fun. Dumb Blonde jokes are a favorite in our house because we know I’m not really a Blonde!
  6. Leave it on the field – Professional athletes learn to do their best and leave the losses and mistakes on the field. Try taking your shoes off before your enter your home and leave your day, “on the field”. The conscious shift in energy leaves the stress outside.
  7. Sweeten the Senses – Carry orange essential oils with you and inhale deeply. The sweet aroma has a comforting effect on the psyche and a pleasant uplifting impact. An instant stress eliminator.
  8. Mini-Indulgences – Program yourself for a mini treat, like 1 mini 3 Musketeers bite (25 calories). Pick something you love, only make it a mini treat, just a little reminder that you are special and deserve treats too. Use it to shift your activities, like going from work to cooking dinner.
  9. Surprise Yourself –  Hide surprises around the house for yourself. Photocopy some favorite photos or pictures of your dreams and put them in unexpected places, like the inside of the washer lid, under the sink where the toilet paper is, on the potatoes bag, or in the freezer. You’ll forget about them and be surprised when you find them.
  10. Be Sweet to Your Feet – Peppermint foot spray is an instant de-stressor. It cools your overworked feet, spray through stockings. After you spray, slip into some comfy slippers and tell yourself aka Scarlet O’Hara, “Tomorrow is another day.”

Well, that’s it for now. Please let us know your favorite stress reliever in the comments below.

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