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The Daily Diva Word: Little Ditties to Lift Your Spirits

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The Daily Diva Word is full of Little Ditties to Lift Your Spirits. Start the day with a gentle reminder of just how fabulous you are. By author, Maureen O’Crean, founder of Distinctively Diva.


The most important conversations are the ones you have with yourself. You can talk yourself in or out of anything when you focus and in this 24/7 world, focus has become a precious commodity. The Daily Diva Word takes a fresh new look at our everyday language. Words are used as a catalyst to spur creativity, give hope, remember a friend, and have faith and fun. Whether you sizzle, dazzle, believe or indulge, your day gets a happy start. A focus to bring only the best into your world. They are Little Ditties to Lift Your Spirits. When I realized that in any given moment, who I chose to be in any situation could create war or peace. I started choosing peace. It wasn t a false positive thought or a fake behavior. If I liked my reaction to life s challenges, I stayed happy, and if I lost my temper or complained, I felt worse. Then it dawned on me, why would I choose to feel miserable if I could control it?, remembers Maureen on her own journey with the creation of The Daily Diva Word. Women are much like the Pink Flamingo, who travel in flocks and create community. Connection to each other is very important to them. The vibrant pink color of their feathers comes from what they eat. Without proper nutrition, their colors fade and become drab. What we feed our minds and spirit determines the vibrancy of our lives. The Daily Diva Word is a gentle reminder each day that yes, you too are important in the grand scheme of life and when you feed your mind happy thoughts, you become a happy girl.

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